My Christmas Wish List


I decided to share with you guys my Christmas wish list for this year. I must warn you that it isn’t the most exciting one… As you would see from my Christmas Tag (Shhhh) haha. I am a big giver and not the best at receiving or asking for gifts haha.



1. Crosley X UO Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player from Urban Outfitters – $99.00US

This was on my Christmas list since last year. I saw it when I was in New York an year ago and fell in lovee instantly. The only reason I didn’t purchase it for myself is because I spotted it on my last day of shopping when my suitcase was already 10000 pounds over weight and my bank account was at -$10000 haha. I watched a million and one reviews about this record player and I am 100% sold. My regular readers would know that I am basically in a relationship with music and I am a old soul at heart when it comes to music as well. This record player is a perfect mixture of vintage and modern. The entire concept of a record player is vintage and then there are Vinyls of modern hit albums.


2. A Gold Scorpio Charm Bangle from Alex and Ani – $28.00US
I am obsessed with Alex and Ani stuff — OBSESSED! I currently have three bangles, One that my lovely friend bought for me for my birthday and two I bought on my own. However, this year I wanted to purchase the Scorpio bangle (because Scorpios rule) but my local suppler didn’t have any.


3.The Elephant Charm Bangle | Friends Of Jaclyn By Alex and Ani – $28.00US
Once again I am obsessed with Alex and Ani and after being obsessed with them I am obsessed with Elephants. They are my all time favourite wild animal and I love anything they are on. As a result I must get Alex and Ani Elephant bangle haha. Also, “Alex & Ani will donate 20% of the purchase price* from each Elephant Charm Bangle sold, with a minimum donation of $25,000, between January 2016 and December 2016, to Friends of Jaclyn, an organization in which athletic programs adopt children with pediatric brain tumors to provide them with love, support, and lasting friendships.”


4. Books
I heard nothing but good things about these books and some them are a bit old but I still want to read them.
Yes Please by Amy Poehler – $21.54US

The girl with the lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer – $17.85US

Girl Boos by Sophia Amoruso – $15.13US

Eat Smart by Niomi Smart – $15.93US

5. My readers to grow haha no but really I wish my readers would grow. – $MOREHARDWORK
When I first typed this I was merely joking but as I am editing I realised this is a wish of mine. I think I work very hard on my blog like today is Sunday 27 Nov, 2016 1:40am. This is my third blog posts for the day and the day just began. I really love blogging and that’s why I decided to name my blog themindofashapitt because blogging serve as unpaid therapy for me. I just drop whatever is on my mind on my keyboard and sometimes I post them and sometimes I don’t. Now I know self praise isn’t any praise, however, I would like for more people to enjoy my blog because I do put in hard work into it.
Well that’s it for my Christmas wish list — actually lastly I wish for everyone in the world to have a great Christmas. Even if you celebrate Christmas or not I pray that everyone feel love in one way or another.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my Christmas wish list and maybe one of you reading would be willing to get me at least one of these items Rhea? Ashlee’? Chante’? Juamane? Anyone? haha

Btw if I post this the day I scheduled it to be post, its actually my sister’s birthday. So Happy Birthday Ashlee’! May you live to see many many many more! 😛

Peace, Love & Happiness,



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