Sunday Favourites Blogmas Edition


Yeah I’m bloody back with one of my favourites kind of posts… SUNDAY FAVS!!!!! I truly enjoy writing Sunday Favourites post for you guys. Anyways, lets get to it… here are all the things I have been enjoying this week.


I am briefly mentioning vlogmas because I have done an entire blog post(pin back post) on it but I have really enjoying vlogmas this week and it would be insane of me not to mention it. Anyways, you can go and read my post on vlogmas and join in on the fun.
2. Forever 21 Black Ankle Jeans
I just got a new pair of Forever 21 jeans and I have been living in them ever since. They are just the most comfy jeans I have ever owned and they fit me so well. I usually wear them with a black Tee, long kimono or cardigan and oxford shoes. I think the jeans I have are out of shock but I have found a pair that look very close to mine.


3. Lower Your Expectations Podcast
You guys know I am the biggest podcast fan and I am always searching for a new podcast to listen to. I found this gem by Marcus Butler and Matt Vincey and I just can’t get enough. It is like 40-46 mins long of pure bliss… the podcast doesn’t have any particular objective. Its just Marcus and Matt talking about random stuff and it is absolutely funny to listen to. I enjoy podcasts like this because if I just need background noise and not looking for anything to make me think — It’s perfect. Btw Marcus Butler is a British youtuber and Matt Vincey works for him. You can check out the podcast on iTunes and android.



*Please excuse my crusty ass phone case haha*

4. Song Pop 2
This is a game you can download on your phone… if you like/love music you would really get a kick out of this game. You basically customise the game to the type of music you listen to the most, then you challenge random people or search for your friends and you are given 10 seconds of a song and you have to pick the name of the song or the person/group who said song belongs to. Whoever gets the most correct wins or in the case where you both gets the same amount correct, whoever chose the answer in the lease amount of time wins. I have been really enjoying this game and kicking my sister’s butt.. Its available for apple and android.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 12.24.34 pm.png


*Please forgive my poor lighting in the photos above*


Peace, Love & Happiness,



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