Favourite Youtube Channels To Watch Vlogmas


Today I am going to talk about one of my favourite time ever… YOUTUBE!! Haha… I love youtube especially vlogs. For those of you who are not that into youtube you may not know that there is something youtubers take part in every year around Christmas time and it’s call vlogmas. The way vlogmas works is that you post a vlog everyday leading up to Christmas… some people post on the first day of December and others post the on the second day of December – however it’s awesome.

I enjoy watching vlogmas because you get to see how other cultures/people celebrate Christmas and it’s just very exciting. Anyways, I decided that I would share with you some of my favouites channels to watch vlogmas and It was so hard to narrow down a writable list of people but I hope you guys enjoy the six (6) channels I have chosen. I’ve linked everyone channels and social medias below.


MoreZoella – Zoe Sugg
I just really love watching Zoe’s vlogs for starter but her vlogmas are next level interesting to watch because she REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS.( I am not even kidding when I put those words in all caps) If she could, she would celebrate Christmas all year round— She starts watching Christmas movies probably in October. She is lives in Brighton England but she is original from Lacock, Wiltshire. Zoe always goes back home for Christmas so you get to experience Christmas in a small village and also how its done in Brighton. She goes crazy with the Christmas decorations, Christmas jumpers, Christmas shopping, Christmas advent calendars, Christmas movies and music. I am not the most Christmasy person and Zoe really help me get in the Christmas spirit a bit. Check out her Twitter, Instagram, Blog and Youtube channel.

2. TanyaBurr – Tanya Burr
Just like Zoe, Tanya Burr loves Christmas and her vlogmas really helps you get in the Christmas mood. She lives in London but is original from Norwich — So like Zoe you get to experience  how Christmas is celebrated in two different locations. Tanya loves Christmas shopping, picking the Christmas tree, going to Christmas parties & doing secret Santa, drinking mulled wine and eating Tiramisu haha. When I watch both Tanya’s and Zoe’s vlogs they always put me in a great mood because of how happy/excited they are about Christmas. You can find Tanya on Twitter, Instagram, Blog and Youtube.

3. NiomiSmart- Niomi Smart
I think this is the first year Niomi is doing vlogmas but this is the first year I followed up on all of her videos. What’s amazing about Niomi’s vlogmas is that she does it slightly different to others. She does vlogging but sometimes she put up different type of videos instead of a vlog. She’s vegan and I get to see what christmasy things she is eating. Now Tanya, Zoe and Niomi are all friends and they have a sleepover at Zoe’s house every year where they purchase each other robin PJs and they just have a grand time. I think it’s one of the most entertaining thing to watch ever, you get to see one day from five different perspectives. (Zoe’s bf vlog as well so does Tanya’s Husband) They all post at the same time every day and its what I looked forward to. Check Niomi out on Twitter, Instagram, Blog and Youtube.

4. ThatcherJoeVlogs – Joe Sugg
Joe’s vlogmas are just hilarious from his intro to the outro… He is just funny. If you didn’t noticed he and Zoe shares the same last name — they are siblings, however, they couldn’t be anymore different when it comes to the Christmas spirit. Although, Joe has really tried and kinda got into the Christmas spirit this year! His intros of his videos with fan art of his face or his friends faces edited on other people/things bodies (Santa, a baby etc.) and he sings his own intro song. His vlogmas are very entertaining and its exciting to see him and his sister celebrate Christmas with their families and exchanged presents. You can check him out on his Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

5. SamanthaMariaVlogs – Samantha Maria
I just recently got into Samantha’s vlogs and when I saw that she was doing vlogmas I got very excited. She is pregnant and is on her third trimester… so she is getting ready for Christmas and the baby and its the most amazing thing to watch. She just finished the nursery and it looks beautiful! You can check her out on Twitter, Instagram, Blog and Youtube.

6. JackMaynardVlogs – Jack Maynard
Jack isn’t the most christmasy person on youtube but his vlogmas are very entertaining to watch. He actually really reminds me of myself a whole lot and he is such a rambler and go to parties. Even his intro song is everything and more… It’s a dubstep remix of a Christmas song and if I was doing vlogmas it would definitely be mine intro as well haha. Check Jack out on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


I hope you guys enjoy one of these channels like I am enjoying them. If mine none of my favourites has not interested you there are many more people on youtube who are doing amazing vlogmas and all you have to do is — do a search and look around for someone you enjoy.

Peace, Love & Happiness,



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