My Search to Find An Advent Calendar in Barbados


Welcome to my first blog post of blogmas yeahhhhh!! Its a Christmas theme one and hope you guys enjoy it!


So this adventure all started last year, yes last year, I was so into vlogmas and wanted to take part in the advent calendars opening with my favourite vloggers. For those of you who don’t know what is an advent calendar, it’s a calendar with a number of flaps which you open everyday leading up to Christmas. There are many types of advent calendars like chocolates, legos, beauty products and so much more. I mentioned this to my sister and we said something along the lines ahh to find an advent calendar in Barbados is going to be to such a pain or probably impossible. Anyways we still went out and looked and just as we suspected, it was not an easy journey! At the end of our search, which consisted of searching a few stores in town and ‘big name brand supermarkets’ we came up empty handed. So we closed the books on that idea of an advent calendar and decided we would just order one in for next year.

One day in February we went to our local supermarket which is literally walking distance from our home and we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was a bloody advent calendar sitting on the bottom shelf all dusty. We couldn’t believe that we had totally neglected this shop in our search and it was there all along.

So we made a vow to come and buy an advent calendar mid November later that year. Of course our first place we looked was our local supermarket, all excited walking into the supermarket going to the same shelf we saw them early February and there weren’t any. At this point, I’m just so over this idea of an advent calendar and then I decided to do blogmas and I was thinking up about some blog post ideas and this one came to me.

What if I blog about my search for an advent calendar in Barbados and launch the search party all over again…So I did.



Two weeks ago the search began, we looked around (to be honest, not in many shops) for an advent calendar and of course came up empty handed. However, my sister, being the brilliant person she is, said maybe its because we are still celebrating our 50th Independence that the Christmas stock hasn’t come out. Bare this in mind I was still over the idea of finding one if I’m being very honest.

Anyways, 30th of November was the official day of Independence (Btw Happy Independence to my Country we have come a long way and we have so many things to be proud of) and all the shops literally transformed over night and all the Christmas stocks and decorations were taken out. So I decided to launch my search for one last time and look for an advent calendar this time my cousin came along for the journey.

We searched the first supermarket starting with the snack aisle, then what we thought was the chocolate section and at this point I am 100% sure there are 0 chances of actually finding one. So I count my losses and went into the line for my cousin to make her purchase. She then turned back and asked me to go and grab her a pack of wholewheat sandwich bread and pointed to the aisle the bread was located in. I quickly rushed off to get her the bread before its her turn to pay and I grab the bread made sure it was soft and was in date and rushed back to her. On my way back, I kicked a piece of trash that was in my way. Looking down to see what it was, I had already kicked it under the shelves and couldn’t see it but what I did see was not one but two rows of advent calendars sitting there.img_0068 As you can imagine, I was over the moon and quickly grabbed one to make sure it was actually an advent calendar, checked the price tag just to triple check that it was in fact one and raced off to my cousin in the line. I greeted her with one of the biggest smiles hiding the calendar behind my back, I said to her “you would never believe what I found” and because I was excited I couldn’t even wait for her to guess I just showed her. In the car going home I said to her thanks for sending me back for the bread haha and thanks to the person whoever dropped whatever it was I kicked because if they didn’t I would’ve never found the calendar.

I am super excited to open my advent calendar with my favourite bloggers this year and also that I got a kick ass story to write for my blog. It played out so well, too well it is almost unbelievable haha. I must admit this is the most christmasy thing I have ever done haha. img_0088_fotor-edited

img_0075_fotor-editedForgive my photo looking like a mud shot haha.

I hope you guys get yourself an advent calendar and enjoy counting down the days until Christmas. Let me know in the comments if you ever had one and if yes what are your favourite kinds? I’m off to open my fourth window of my advent calendar!

Peace, Love & Happiness,



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