Sunday Favourites # 4


Well hello there! It’s Sunday so you know what that means?? Sunday favourites time!!!! This is my last Sunday favourites of Blogtember; I’m going to miss writing about what I am loving every week but this wont be the last time I do for sure. This week I was panicking because I only enjoyed just a handful of things this week and I wanted to close the week on a bang haha. Anyways, here are the things I enjoyed this past week.

Anyway by HUNTAR – OMG! Can we just take a minute of silence for this banger HUNTAR blessed us with this week??? I mean I haven’t stopped listening to this song since Thursday which was the day of release. I am literally listening to it as I write this post. I had it on repeat and my mother asked when are you going to stop listening to that song? It is his single that is going to be on Fifa 17 and I think that’s such an amazing opportunity for him because I know how much exposure artists received from being on the game and I know he is going to get the exposure he deserves. This is the second week HUNTAR made it on my Sunday favourites… he is my new found love tbh and I am excited to go on this journey with him. You know the drill check out his stuff Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

My Way by Calvin Harris – This is the second banger I was blessed with this week. This song just makes me stop whatever I’m doing and dance haha. I really like this song and I especially love it because its Calvin’s vocals and for those who don’t know much about his music he creates beats and very rarely sings on his own track. So I was dying when I heard his beautiful voice on this track. Check him out on Youtube, Spotify and he sometimes posts hilarious snaps so head over to his snapchat(calvinharris).

Jordon J Thompson – I discovered his music this week, I think he followed me on twitter then I checked out his stuff and just fell in love with his music instantly. He has four singles and a few covers on youtube. I really like his cover to Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars and Tracy Chapman – Fast Car. You guys can check him out on Youtube & Twitter .

Carry Me by Kygo – This has been my chill out song this week, I just really relax when I hear this song. You guys can check Kygo’s other music on Youtube, Instagram and Website.

Spread the Girl Love with Lily Singh – This is the launch of Lily Singh’s #GirlLove Rafikis, which are basically bracelets. There are handmade by women from Kenya and this provides jobs for 1,400 woman and in addition, the proceeds go towards sending girls to school. Before I go any further, for those who may not know Lily Singh, aka iiSuperwomanii, she is a Youtuber who makes funny videos sometimes imitating her Sikh traditional parents or ranting about something in a light hearted manner. She is an inspiration to many and has a huge crush on The Rock. However, she has partnered with ME to WE and created these beautiful bracelets which help send girls to school in Kenya. I think that this is a wonderful thing Lily did and I also enjoyed the video she made which you can watch here. You can check out her other stuff like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and if you can, purchase a bracelet.

Social Good Summit – This is an annually held two-day conference looking at the impact technology and new media have on the social good initiatives around the world. This year’s theme was #2030 which asked the question what type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030? It is always held around the UNGA week in New York, NY. I caught the last day and I watched it on livestream the entire day and I just couldn’t move from my laptop. It was very informative and inspiring, I was particularly inspired by the UN Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals. They are basically seventeen (17) innovated young people who are doing amazing things in their respective countries.


This sadly is the end of my last Sunday favourites post of Blogtember. I have to say these have easily been my favourite type of posts to write recently and I am going to start writing monthly favourites every month and maybe a few Sunday favs. I still have two more posts for Blogtember coming this week so you guys can come back for that on Thursday. It has been a pleasure sharing my favourites with you beautiful humans and I hope you guys have enjoyed hearing about them as well.

Have a great week this week and remember to kill em with kindness! (I know this has nothing to do with what I talked about in this post but I was just listening to this song when I was finishing up this post).

Peace, Love & Happiness,



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