Sunday Favourites # 3

Its that time again SUNDAY FAVOURITES #3!!!! Whoop Whoop!! I look forward every week to write my Sunday favourites post. I tried my hardest not to make this favourites only about music this week.

Oh Wonder – I first discovered Oh Wonder last summer and they very quickly became my favourite, I even made them my desktop photo which I had for almost an year. I was in New York City and I listened to their entire album over & over on Spotify while getting lost in the city. When I returned home I got their entire album on my iPod so every now and then I would hear a song and remember where I was in New York City when I was listening to it. I used to listen to their album every minute of the day, however, new music came and took over my interest and I haven’t listen to their entire album in a while until this week. OMG… just like old times, OVER & OVER & OVER! Matter of fact I’m actually listening to it as I write this blog post. Oh Wonder is a London based duo (Anthony & Josephine) and their voices complement each other so well, its incredible. Number six on my bucket list is to see them live. I highly recommend you guys to check out their Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify , Twitter, iTunes and Instagram. There is even a cheeky playlist of their album on youtube.



Ed Sheeran – So before you jump to conclusions, no, I have not just discovered Ed Sheeran but I have just fell back in love with his album X. I saw him live last year at the global citizens concert and it was everything and more. He is fantastic live and very captivating the way he plays his guitar and turn it into a drum. Anyways, I had his song “I’m a mess” on my mind for two days and I finally gave in and listened to it and from that an addiction was created all over again. You know the drill by now YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, SoundcloudTwitter.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III – This may seem as a surprise but I was a gamer back in the days and I didn’t know I still had it in me until my Brother bought a playstation 4 this week. I tried Black Ops III for the first time and fell in love with it instantly. Its my favourite thing to do with my brother now, I cant wait until he gets home from school to play it with him. For those who may not know anything about the game, its a military science fiction first-person shooter video game. You have a regular storyline and then there is the zombies storyline shadows of evil which I love. Its available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Mr Ben Brown Artic Vlogs – Mr Ben Brown used to be an athlete but is now a Youtuber, film maker & photographer. He make daily videos on YouTube and take amazing photos for his Instagram, he also has a online shop where he sells creative merch. His daily videos mainly consist of him travelling to wonderful, unique places, spending time in the beautiful Cape town with his girlfriend Nicole Eddy or just catching up with family in England. But recently he visited the Arctic and oh my sack (his words) his vlogs are freaking fantastic. I must be honest when he announced that he will be going I was like ugh these vlogs are going to be so boring but oh boy I couldn’t be more wrong. The cinematography is spectacular, the creative drone shots and just the positive vibes radiating from his vlogs are next level. He also posted some bangers Instagram photos, they are a must see!!! I hight recommend you check him out YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Website.


** I do not own any rights to the images above**

timtothewild – Tim Kellner is a phenomenal photographer and he posts amazing shots on Instagram. He also have a YouTube channel with the cinematography is top notch and he have a set of beautiful eyes. He recently went to the Arctic with Ben Brown and took some great shots that I had to turn on his notifications for when he post I can never miss any of them. Check him out on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.


** I do not own any rights to the images above**


I hope you guys enjoyed my Sundays favs this week. If by any chance you’ve missed Sunday Favourites 1 & 2 you can go and check them out. Wishing you a great week and pop over to my blog on Thursday for Random Thursday. Thank you for the love you showed me on my last post.

Peace, Love & Happiness,

Asha ♥


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