Sunday Favourites # 2


Hey! Its that time again where I try to turn you guys into me haha. It’s Sunday favourites #2 and Im super excited to share with you the things I enjoyed this pasted week. I just want to thank Alexia Booker again for this wonderful idea.

HUNTAR – I FELL in LOVE with HUNTAR music the first time I ever heard it. His music is amazing and I cant seem to get enough of it.I think my siblings are tired with me playing 4am on repeat everyday for a month now. I dont know much about his personal life, I think he is from England/ Untied kingdom and that is basically it. However, you can check him out on Soundcloud, Youtube, twitter and IG

Blonde – OK SO SO SO SO FRANK OCEAN!!!!!! Frank ocean only came and drop a bomb ass album on us and I cant stop listening. I love anything Frank Ocean makes to be honest, he is just a creative genius! I waited for this album for what feels like a decade. If you guys want to check out Blonde you can do so on iTunes its for $9.99, a cheeky free music streaming website and Spotify. (Although Spotify isn’t available in Barbados… What going on with that Spotify get it together now)


Youtube playlist – This week I have been listening to music from the time I woke up to the time I go bed. I tend to get bored with the music around this time of the year that was released at the beginning of the year. So I usually look for youtube playlists with music that I’m not too familiar with and have a field day with it haha. This week in particular I was feeling very stress, anxious and hormonal so I needed calming music. I hit the jackpot when I found this gem called Timber | A Chill Mix an hour long playlist! I knew few of the songs in the playlist but it was my go to playlist for the week including HUNTAR and Frank Ocean of course.

Quote- “Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” – Jack Ma.  As I mentioned before I had a hard week and this quote has really inspired me when I needed inspiration. These wise words are from Jack Ma the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group. He failed at many things but never gave up and as a result he owns a billion dollar company. I actually have plans on writing a more detail blog post about Jack Ma and what his story means to me in the future.


**I do not own any rights to the image above**

Ashlee’, Rhea & Chante’– These three are always my favs well 86% of the time haha. I think I said this like a million times throughout this post but I had a bad week and these three have cheered me up whenever we chatted without even knowing it. Thank you Rhea for the deep conversations about our future and passion. Thank you Ashlee for the laughs we shared this entire week (fanny lol). And Chante’ thank you for making things clear and being the resourceful friend you always are. *Insert shameless plug* if you guys ever want your nails done you SHOULD check out Rhea’s Creations, she is freaking awesome and you can admire her work on here. Also Chante’ is planning a colour run for charity on Oct 15, 2016. #Colouratic you can register here.

img-20151101-wa0015_fotorChante’ & I at my 21 birthday party

rhea-i-9th-august2016Rhea & I

ashlee-and-iAshlee’ and I

Yes, I know that my favs this week was mainly music related. I did had a stressful week and music is what I always turn to when I’m feeling down and stressed so I apologize for the lack of diversity this week. But I hope that you enjoyed my Sunday favourites and maybe you have added new music to your library.

Peace, Love & Happiness



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